My name is Joakim Bergman. I am a software engineer and DJ living in Stockholm, Sweden. Have a look at my CV.

My sounds

I like drum machines and synthesizers and sometimes record jams and DJ sets. Listen here, via podcast.rss or iTunes.

2016-08-28: Inspired by tv-series Stranger Things. TR8 and Dominion 1 (multitracked).

2016-03-23: Last days before easter. TT-303 and Tanzbär with some Space reverb. Some phaser on the hihats.

2015-10-15: Some morning acid before work. TT-303 (through delay and Space) and Tanzbär.

2015-09-02: Tried to get some 80's sound going. Tanzbär, Dominion 1, TT-303, Tempest, Space.

2015-07-22: Berlin school. Multitracked DSI Tempest, lots of effects added in Logic.

2015-04-17: TT-303 + MPC loaded with MFB Tanzbär samples.

2015-02-28: Second jam with TT-303. All sounds DSI Tempest + TT-303 (multitracked on MPC)

2015-02-15: First recording with my new TT-303.

2014-10-11: This one sounds like a backing track for a game.

2014-09-16: Some kind of acid.

2014-09-03: This is almost like three tracks in one.

2011-02-11: I felt like playing some tunes and this is what it sounded like.

2009-11-06: A short house music mix.

2005-12-11: A mix I recorded to promote a club I was running.